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Hard Work of Bees:

Bees are significant in our day-to-day life. Bees help pollinate local fauna, thus ensuring the propagation of plant species. Bees are known for being the hardest working insects and their system is collecting pollen and creating honey is well-known for being an effective management system.

Honey Bee Farming:

Building an apiary, or a honey bee farm, is a highly profitable business. A lot of consumers are becoming more aware of honey and are looking for quality honey to ensure their health. Organic business are booming and more and more since people want ethically sourced produce that is free from carcinogens. This is where homemade apiaries help out in ensuring the quality and authenticity of the produce.

Honey Bee Varieties:

Honeybees have an entire hierarchy. It is the worker bee that does most of the work. But, there are many species of bees that exist and each is native to the country they are a part of. The different types of the honeybees are Italian bees, German bee, Carniolan bee, the Caucasian bee, the Buckfast bee, and the Russian bee.

  • Italian Honey bees: The Italian honeybees are the easily available honeybees for the beginners in the honeybee farming. These Italian bees usually build the colonies in the spring weather and try to maintain it throughout the summer. The maintenance of these bees might be really low, as it requires only simple equipment.
  • German Bees: The German bees are considered tough, as their management is tougher compared to the Italian bees. They are defensive in nature. But these bees are strong enough to survive the winter months. The bee management is really high as they are susceptible to the seasonal diseases and they are defensive in nature.
  • Carniolan Bees: Carniolan bees are really a very busy spring bees that tries to build their colonies in early spring. So the initial honey harvest proves to be profitable. These bees are known for the wax comb building. The wax combs are usually famous for candles, bathing products, moisturizers and of course cosmetics.

Perfect Season for Honey Bee Farming:

Honeybee farming is all about timing the season to start a colony. Since bees live in colonies, you need to plan your bee farm accordingly so that the bees will take care of building their homes. If it is too early, the bees will be short of essential warmth and food needed for them to thrive. If you start later than necessary, again, there will be a paucity for the bees and the farm will be a failure.

Honey Harvest:

If you’ve set up your farm at the right time, then, the next step is harvesting the honey itself. This is also a time-sensitive process. For this, you need to have patience and not expect instant results. Bees are a huge investment and if you do it right, you are guaranteed profits and wellness.
Honey bee farming might be profitable only from the second year of the harvest, as the first year will be nothing to harvest.
Apiaries are a long-term project, more importantly a passion project. Assuming instant results is not the way to go. Patience, a lot of TLC go a long way in keeping your farm ship shape and your money multiplying.

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