2011 Essay Contest Topic

For the 2011 essay contest, sponsored by Fintech LTD, the essay topic is:

U.S. Honey: A Taste for Every Preference

The taste and color on honey varies according to the flowers where the nectar originates. Each different type of plant will yield honey with a different taste. The same plants, growing in different soils and climates, can yield different honey. The 4-H’ers are encouraged to investigate the local/regional honeys of the United States and see how they differ in taste and color. Is a honey dark with a rich flavor, or light in color and mild-tasting? Actual access to the honey for tasting is not required – just find out about some of the characteristics and write about them.

Students interested in writing should contact their local 4-H offices for contest details. The state selection must be done through the 4-H system. Beekeepers are encouraged to contact their local 4-H offices to see that the essay contest information has been distributed in their states.

The complete announcement and rules are available for download in Adobe PDF format.